Redhead Upsherin Session, it doesn’t get better than this- NY Upsherin Photographer

Many times I’ve said that my favorite time of year to photograph outdoor sessions is fall. You know, mainly because of the gorgeous colors of the foliage. But honestly, the time of year I prefer to BE outdoors is summer. I’m a summer person. I need to be outside for at least some of my day-it helps me relax and breathe easier. I absolutely love the rise and fall singsong of the crickets, the smell of grass and leaves and dirt, and the way the world is just so green. So obviously, when I met my client at Bear Mountain Park and took a look around, I knew I was going to enjoy the session immensely. The fact that the upsherin boy had gorgeous red curls- that was just the icing on the cake. Although it was pretty crowded, the views were amazing and there were so many awesome spots we used throughout the entire session. I hope these upsherin portraits capture a little of that summer magic along with the wide eyed wonder of childhood!

upsherin portrait nyupsherin portrait nyupsherin portrait ny

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