Is there a better birthday gift than this? Rockland County, NY Family Photographer

If you’re like most people in large families, you know how hard it can be to get every member of the family together in one spot, in color coordinated clothing no less, for a big family portrait. Now imagine making the whole thing a surprise . That’s exactly what these siblings did for their mother’s birthday. That’s not all though- during the session, two of the daughters had an additional surprise planned. When I started photographing one of the couples, they suddenly took out a small chalkboard sign that they wanted to use in a portrait- and written on it were the words “coming soon”. After the ensuing shrieks, hugs, and tears, we continued with their portraits. Then, I was about to start photographing the second couple when they took the chalkboard sign and told everyone that they needed the sign too. The reactions from all around were priceless and everyone was crying (I teared up too). I have no doubt that this lucky mother will remember this birthday gift forever! I know I will always remember this very special portrait session.


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