Brand new- NY Newborn Photographer

Adorable B. came for his newborn portraits recently and I immediately fell in love with his huge, expressive eyes, chubby cheeks, and perfect little lips. He was so good throughout the session and I just adore the images we captured of him looking so snug. My favorites though, are the ones with mom and dad- because nothing beats capturing all that love and emotion that is so visible with this gorgeous family.

NY Newborn PhotographerNY Newborn PhotographerNY Newborn PhotographerNY Newborn PhotographerNY Newborn PhotographerNY Newborn PhotographerNY Newborn Photographer

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Twins and Triplets- Summer Portraits in Stamford, CT

I always feel grateful and happy when previous clients call for another session and tell me their family grew. But you can imagine my delight when the mom of twins I’d been photographing since a few months old told me she had since had triplets! I couldn’t believe that the adorable, precocious sister-brother twins I loved playing with had now become the big siblings of two little baby boys and a baby sister. I traveled to their home to photograph the whole family in their backyard and although there were lots of tears, feeding breaks, cuddling, and cooing, I truly enjoyed the whole experience and was so happy to be able to capture this adorable time for this family.  The last image is totally real life and always makes me smile!twins and triplets portraits NY family Photographertwins and triplets portraits NY family Photographertriplets portrait NY Baby photographer

twins triplets portrati NY

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Spring. Rockland County, NY Children’s Photographer

Warm weather. A flurry of tiny, soft pink petals float down from our cherry tree every time the breeze blows. Signs of life everywhere, brand new buds on our trees, dinner outside on the deck, bikes and games of tag and giggles and shrieks and hair blowing behind them as they run and climb. We are all happier outdoors. Daily to-do’s disappear and we breathe easier, smile more, play. Spring.

Rockland County, NY Child photographer

Rockland County, NY Child photographerRockland County, NY Child photographer



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Before and After Upsherin Portraits- NY Upsherin Photographer

The cutest little ball of energy- that’s how I’d describe A.  He came to Monsey twice, once to capture some portraits with his long, dark straight hair, and once after he had gotten his upsherin. Running around the park trying to keep up with his endless energy was an awesome workout, and he kept me laughing throughout. He’s the type of client I just had to hug once the session was over, because we really connected and he’s just so crazy cute! I absolutely love the Judaica/fine art style portrait we created with A. and his big brothers in the studio- it was Mom’s idea, and I’m grateful to have been able to capture exactly what she had envisioned!

NY Upsherin Photographer




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