About Me


When you look at your children, what do you see?

Brown hair or blonde hair, green eyes or blue, that cute little snub nose from your husband’s side of the family or the one that’s starting to look a lot like yours… Yes, you see their physical features, but you also see so much more! You see your baby’s wide eyed look of wonder as she experiences ice cream for the first time. You see your six year old’s quiet intelligence reflected in her deep brown eyes, your three year old’s goofy grin as he once again makes everyone laugh.

You look at your children and you see their wonderfully complicated personalities, the totally unique traits that make them THEM. And you wish you can somehow capture them exactly as you, their parents, see them- not just a sum total of their external features, but as a reflection of who each child is, at this very moment in time.

That’s where I come in.

As a mother, I know how fast our babies grow up. Each stage feels like forever, but once it’s gone we feel like we don’t even remember it at all. That intense need to stop time and capture my children’s every stage and every wonderful expression is what started me on my journey as a photographer.  My extremely nostalgic personality combined with my love of all things art is what makes photography so special to me. When I take a picture, it’s not enough for me to simply capture a likeness. My portraits capture some of their soul as well, so that when you, the parent, see it – you gasp and say “That is my child. You captured his personality exactly.”


That is when I am happiest- knowing I have provided my clients with portraits of their family that are not only artistic and beautiful, but that captured each child’s true personality and will be cherished forever.

I work out of Rockland County, NY, serving the Monsey, Teaneck, and Bergenfield areas.  I look forward to working with you!